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19 Wound Care Formulary
19-05 Barrier Film Preparation

28ml (1)
1ml (5)
3ml (5)

No sting barrier film, which is colourless and transparent to allow monitoring of the skin. It can provide up to 72 hours' protection and is available in a spray bottle or foam applicator.

Mode of Action - Forms a long lasting waterproof barrier, which acts as a protective interface between the skin and bodily fluids.

Indications - Helps to protect intact and damaged skin from irritation from wound exudate, urine/and or faecal incontinence, adhesives friction and shear.

Method of Use - Skin should be clean prior to application. Foam applicator: Apply a uniform coating over the treatment area.
Spay: Hold the applicator 10 to 15cm from the skin and apply a uniform coating while moving the spray in a sweeping motion. When used under adhesive tapes, allow to dry.

Frequency of Dressing change - Re-application is necessary each time dressing is changed. Whe used as a protectant from bodily fluids it can last up to 48-72 hours. If desired, the film can be removed by using most medical adhesive removers as directed.

Contra-Indications - Not to be used on infected area.

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