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ActiFormCool  (Non-adhesive ionic hydrogel sheet) - Formulary Hydrogel Dressings 19.07
Azathioprine  - Formulary Antiproliferative immunosuppressants 08.02.01
Azathioprine  - Formulary Drugs affecting the immune response 10.01.03
Azathioprine  - Formulary Drugs affecting the immune response 01.05.03
actipatch  - Non Formulary Compound analgesic preparations 04.07.01
ActivHeal AquaFiber  - Non Formulary Hydrocolloid-fibrous dressings A5.02.04
ActivHeal Foam  - Non Formulary For moderately to heavily exuding wounds A5.02.05
ActivHeal Hydrogel  - Non Formulary Hydrogel application (amorphous) A5.02.01
Activon (Honey)  - Non Formulary Sheet dressing A5.03.01
Azathioprine  (Imuran) - Non Formulary Antiproliferative immunosuppressants 08.02.01
Azathioprine  - Non Formulary Drugs affecting the immune response 13.05.03